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We have now obtained Fairtrade status from the Fairtrade Foundation in 2011 in recognition to the parishioners of Kennington for actively supporting Fairtrade.

Our next objective for 2011/2012 is to support St Swithun’s Primary School to become a Fairtrade School.

A brief history

The impetus for Fairtrade Status came from a parishioner at the 2008 Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council who felt that Kennington could become active within the Fairtrade Foundation organisation. A resolution was passed at a meeting of the Parish Council to support such an initiative. A Parish Councillor, Robin Mason, agreed to lead this initiatve and from an initial public meeting a Steering Group was formed. Since then there have been 15 meetings. The group planned and agreed upon a constitution and a set of aims that were designed to meet the criteria of the Fairtrade Foundation. Members of the steering group have approached almost all of the many and various Community and Commercial organisations within Kennington with the objective of encouraging them to use or sell at least two Fairtrade products. Many are now on board and supporting this initiative.

Our membership

Any person can join this group who wishes to play a part in establishing Fairtrade activity within and for Kennington.

The Steering Group is currently composed of:

  • Robin Mason, A Parish Councillor & Chairman of K4F
  • Rosemary Davies, Minutes Secretary
  • May Bower, Treasurer
  • Brenda Groth
  • Joe Pitt-Francis
  • Lesley Maskell, St Swithun’s School teacher
  • Helen Hurrell
  • Katherine Baggott
  • Elli Preghenella
  • Asma Mustafa

To contact

Robin Mason: 01865 321044 or Send an email or Tel. No

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